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hypno mixes your content with branding, effects and music... instantly.

choose from 3 levels of customization:


add static graphics, logos, borders and textures to your photos and videos.

(includes 1 revision)


upgrade to motion graphics, zooms, cuts and color effects synced to music.

(includes 2 revisions)


create a totally unique look with custom graphics, shots and effects.

(includes 3 revisions)

anything is possible.

take a look at more of our favorites.

hypno selects →


here are the most commonly captured content formats.


air 9:16 4K —  2160x3840
air 9:16 HD  — 1080x1920

booth 9:16 4K — 2160x3840
booth 9:16  HD — 1080x1920*
booth 3:4 — 2160x2880
booth 3:4 — 1440x1920*

eye 9:16  — 720x1280
eye 3:4 — 960x1280

*most popular


booth 9:16 — 1737x3088
booth 3:4 — 2316x3088

pro 9:16 — 2160x3840
pro 2:3 — 2160x3240
pro 3:4 — 2160x2880 
pro 1:1  — 2160x2160
pro 4:3 — 2880x2160
pro 3:2 — 3240x2160
pro 16:9 — 3840x2160


add logos, borders and textures to your photos and videos.

make your own? try our editable graphics template.

graphics template →


only hypno can deliver dynamic video effects in real-time.

motion graphics. blend modes. displacement maps. digital backgrounds. and effects powered by AI.

we can create what you need... from mild to wild.


make your videos pop with amazing music.

bring your own  — or browse our Epidemic Sound subscription.
you pick the track. we find the beat. roll camera. repeat.

explore music →


want to capture contacts + permissions?

our configurable form makes it easy.

this is optional and off by default.


style your hypno booth with custom fonts, colors, backgrounds and animations.

tip: talk to us before diving into this upgrade!

screens template →


hypno typically needs 50 square feet or less.

have a backdrop?

position your hypno booth 7 feet away to frame a 6x8 area perfectly.

have a bigger vision?

upgrade to hypno air for cinematic 4K output.

don't have a footprint?

use hypno pro to capture content on the go.


hypno needs a standard 3-prong outlet.

it can also run on battery power for 3-4 hours.


hypno works best when connected to dedicated wifi  (minimum 10x10) or mobile hotspot.

avoid connecting to "guest" wifi networks which are slow and unreliable.

for longer installations, a wired network is recommended.

if connectivity is ever lost, hypno will queue uploads until connectivity is restored.


empower your team with live content + data.

our dashboard updates with every upload.

secure data is available for download.

web dashboard →


want to add more people to your dashboard?

invite them to your organization.

tip: only admins can access data.

open settings →


shoot + share in the moment... and manage all your events from your phone.

download now

thank you

please share your questions and feedback.

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