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Studio-quality content produced in seconds—not days.

Hypno Air combines our real-time post-processing software with innovative hardware that lets you use the camera of your choice to produce instant social videos.

This is amazing content, and it makes me very happy.

Marc Jacobs


Hypno Air instantly mixes user-generated videos with edits, music and custom filters—all meticulously tailored to match your campaign.


  • Microphone
  • Multi-camera
  • User input


  • Custom VFX
  • Background music
  • Dynamic video edits


  • Photo
  • Video
  • GIF
More Examples

Powered by the Hypno platform.


Script content with effects.

Asset Delivery

SMS, MMS, Email, QR Codes, RFID

Display Integration

Sync content to any screen.

Data Capture

Learn more about your audience.

CRM Integration

Add new people to your database.


Measure performance in real time.

Web Gallery

All your content in one place.

Content API

Take your content anywhere.

Elevate your experience with campaign-quality content.