maison margiela
immersive AI

building upon the success of its iconic, split toe Tabi shoe, Maison Margiela partnered with Hypno to create an immersive exhibition + personalization experience.

hypno booth

"powered by generative AI firm Hypno, two digital stations will be open for people to stretch the boundaries of what a Tabi can be."

the retail experience will produce 1000s of images of Maison Margiela's emblematic shoe, each personalized by mixing selfies and keywords with a custom generative image model powered by Hypno.

we developed the model using the brand's exclusive archive of product images and campaign materials dating back to 1988.

"with the help of Hypno's cutting-edge AI technology, visitors can unleash their creativity and design their own bespoke Tabi shoe... creating digital renditions that are entirely unique and tailored to their individual style."

elevate your experiences.

new! generative AI powered by Hypno.

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