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Events and experiences go digital

It’s still unclear just how much impact COVID-19 will have on the experiential industry — but our current assessment is that it will be pretty significant.


As people are asked to spend more time apart over the coming weeks, they'll be looking for new experiences and communities through their phones and laptops. Despite the isolation and fear caused by the virus, we see a unique opportunity for brands to connect to people in new, surprising ways — and for teams like ours to unveil new solutions.

Many of you have reached out to us to ask us how we can bring your events and experiences online. As one of the few true tech companies leading the experiential space, we’re uniquely positioned to help brands jump this gap between offline and online. Since 2012, our in-house team of designers, developers and producers have created apps, websites, content, AR/VR and all-digital campaigns to connect hundreds of millions of people.

We wanted to explore the impact of a new digital product, Instagram lenses. Yesterday, we released four new options and have already reached more than 200,000 consumers. What kind of impact could it have on your brand channels? Try them out yourself!

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 11.53.06 AM

While most of our clients think of Hypno for instant content, more than half of our clients work with us to create impact in other ways, too. We’re really excited to collaborate over the coming weeks while changes in the experiential space play out.

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