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How content amplified an online store launch in China

Hypno inspired Chinese beauty fans to share branded content by creating engaging experiences that generated instant social videos


Three camera experiencesWeChat integration


Hypno helped launch Tom Ford’s official Tmall flagship with three content experiences at a gala event held at the Peninsula Shanghai. Using QR codes to deliver content and integrating with WeChat, each camera installation brought the Tom Ford brand to life. In the first, guests were invited to try on Tom Ford lipstick and document their look in instant videos with music and effects. Next, a mirrored runway with multiple cameras caught partygoers’ looks from every angle in real time, in an out-of-the-photobooth installation. And finally, after making their way through these two immersive, interactive experiences, people arrived at nightclub-style party where our roaming Hypno Eye captured revelers with social video content.

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