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A Content Factory for Color Factory

The Hypno platform delivers instant feed-worthy content for the experience museum’s new Houston location


RFID Registration9 Camera Experiences


Intuitive to use and easy to manage, Hypno does more than automate studio-quality content production at the recently opened Color Factory in Houston, TX. The experiential destination tapped the battle-tested Hypno platform for its reliability—we’ve put the system through most operating conditions you can imagine. And naturally the color fanatics loved the infinite customizations that Hypno offers. An RFID token allows guests to register and easily shoot stills and GIFs in nine different rooms using the Hypno camera network. When they’re done, they get their own personal gallery and branded email delivery. The result? More than 53,000 pieces of content to date (upwards of 3,000 daily), and what The Verge describes as “essential and more than anything else, Hypno sets Color Factory apart from its competition.”

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